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The Direct Ads app is a tool you can use to include any directly sold ad orders into the Ezoic ad testing. It's an easy way for you to operate your own DFP style ad server via the Ezoic system! This means that you can create your own deals with advertisers, and include their ads on your site directly.

Creating a Direct Order

There are a few different 'Order Types' to choose from, your choices will vary dependent on what your particular goals are for each deal.

For all Order Types, you choose the Start and End Dates of the campaign you are running, alongside the 'Inventory Size' (how big the ad is), 'Display Creatives' (how many creatives from this ad can show on a given page) and the Creative Rotation (whether any different creatives for this ad should be delivered evenly, or optimised in order to boost clicks).

You can also set a per-user frequency cap, and target set countries, devices, and ad positions on your site.

More detail on the different Order Types:


Choosing this option will display your chosen ad creative(s) in a fixed position, for a fixed % of your overall impressions. This is the highest ranking choice and will take priority over all other ads competing in your chosen period.


A 'standard' order type allows you to choose a set number of impressions of a particular ad to serve over a set period.

You set the CPM or CPC price, and the 'goal' number of impressions that you want to be filled. You can choose to have these delivered in three different speeds:

1) Evenly - this will space out the ad impressions evenly over the length of campaign that you choose.
2) Front Loaded - this will space out the ad impressions evenly, but adding 25% to the goal for the ad in order to speed up the delivery.
3) As Fast As Possible -  this will always show the ad in question, if it is the only eligible ad. If you have multiple direct ads running at the same time, the system will allow these to compete based on which ad is most behind schedule to hit its impression goals.

There is more information on impression goals on the DFP Website.

Price Priority 

Price Priority is a great option to choose if you don't have a set number of ads that you are obliged to serve. Choosing 'Price Priority' will include your ad in the Ezoic ad auction, at the CPC or CPM you specify. It will only be shown to a user in instances where it can 'beat' the other ads in the competition. The CPM value of each user varies because of the value of different visitors / sessions to particular advertisers, so this ad will only show to the users where it is more valuable for you.

For Price Priority ads, you can choose to limit the delivery to a set number of impressions per day, or over the whole lifetime of the ad.


House ads have the lowest priority of all. Ad creatives added to a 'House' order will only show when there is unsold inventory that needs to be filled. It is typically used by publishers to promote their own products or services.

You choose a goal % of 'remaining' (i.e. unsold) impressions for this particular ad to fill. You can also set a CPM value, so that your house ads can compete with each other. 

Reviewing the Progress of your Direct Campaign

On the Main Page of the app you will be able to view all of your previous orders, alongside their progress and basic information.

You can also find more in depth information on each ad in the 'Settings' Section - as well as editing the order itself, or the creatives associated with it. Following the 'stats' link will allow you to see a full breakdown of this ad campaign's performance.

If you are unsure about the behaviour of any order types, Google's DFP has lots more information on different delivery priorities. If you have any questions about Direct Ads, and how they can operate on your site, you can always contact and our team will be happy to help out.




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