Wrapping your Ads for Ad Tester

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This guide will answer the following questions: 

  • What is 'ad wrapping' and why is it important?
  • How do I wrap display, native, and like unit ads?
  • How do I wrap header bidding tags and page-level ads?


What is 'Ad Wrapping'?






STEP ONE: Navigate to the Ad Tester App and choose the appropriate placeholder for your ad type. For example, if you wish to wrap a display ad, click 'Add Display Ad unit'. 

STEP TWO: Fill in the detail under the 'Create Ad Unit' header. 

 STEP THREE: Choose the sizes you want tested in that location.


 STEP FOUR: Click 'create' and copy the ad code generated by Ezoic. 



Here is an example of the code for a link unit:


Here is an example of a native unit:


*Please note that the code should be slightly different from a display unit for link and native units in that it should specify these position types (as seen above).


STEP FOUR: Once your ad code is generated you simply split the code at the </div> and 'wrap' it around your original ad code. Here is an example of a display ad:



 If you had an Adsense code on your site that looks like this:

You would simply place the code where: 

<!--optional: your normal ad code can here-->

so the final result would look like this: 


Watch a video on how to wrap an ad with Ezoic placeholder code here.


If you have any questions regarding your site's performance or on any of the features listed above, please do not hesitate to reach out to your account manager or support@ezoic.com.

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