Why Join Ezoic?

Laura Derrick -

So you'd like more information as to why you should join us here at Ezoic? Let us explain...

1. Different ad locations and combinations generate different results, from both revenue and user experience perspectives.

2. No one set of ad locations suits every user - what works for one user may not work so well, or at all, for another. Fixed (static) ads, are unable to produce the best possible revenue. Ad placements customized to each individual user's behaviour and preferences do - this is where Ezoic can help! The system, over time, will tailor each visit to your website to ensure your users are receiving a unique and individual experience, and you are making the most revenue, it's truly a win-win!


3. Direct ad deals rarely beat offering your inventory to a competitive bidding environment. The whole industry is migrating to programmatic, reducing costs and generating more value for the seller (you!)

4. Sometimes AdSense and other ad networks outperform AdX. With Ezoic's mediation app, they can continue to compete in the RTB auction, ensuring you always have the highest paying ads on your site. More info here.


5. To maximize revenue, you need to optimize your ad inventory on a per user basis. Optimizing the overall revenue generated from a user journey, rather than the highest page RPM, gets you the best bottom line revenue.


6. Fewer ads can generate more revenue. For example, Ezoic might determine that by removing a prominent ad above the fold of your landing page for some of your users, these users then go on to view more pages thus generating more revenue from impressions/clicks from ads on pages that these visitors would not have otherwise visited; increasing overall visitors/session income. Or maybe it'll figure out that professionals viewing certain articles prefer text ads over image ads, or that users that come to a site from social networks are more likely to click on a native ad. The system identifies this and dynamically generates the best ad combinations for each individual, thus optimizing revenue and UX metrics. 

7. Accessing the technology is very easy. All you need to do is point your nameservers to Ezoic. You control how much traffic to send to Ezoic, per device, and you can turn the system on/off with the click of a button and remove integration at any time. No contracts, no tie-ins, no minimum terms. More info on how you can get started here.

8. Setting up is also easy and quick. You choose places on your site where you'd like the system to test ads of different sizes, types, colors etc, using a Chrome extension tool - here's an overview video

9. Pricing - Ezoic's 'free' (ad supported) model is our most popular option. After a 30 day free trial period, Ezoic keeps the revenue from a small, unobtrusive ad at the bottom of some of the test visits (see below). Because our publishers make way more with Ezoic, the use of our system is effectively free. More info here

Thanks for reading, and do not hesitate to cotnact us at support@ezoic.com if you have any further queries!

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