What does Ezoic do? What's the concept / service that you offer? (Explained in a very simple way).

Ezoic Staff -

Ezoic is a technology (or a system) that helps informational sites improve usability / content discovery on site and income from advertising. Ezoic tests websites' layouts (or template / "look" of the site if you prefer) to find out what visitors like and dislike, then adjust to improve user experience metrics (like time on site, page views per visit, bounce rate...) and increase ad revenue.

We think testing site layout is the number one thing a publisher can do to improve usability and revenue from advertising. Based on data collected from over 700 participating sites (750k visitors a day | 24 M visits a month), websites earn more than 200%-300% more revenue compared to the previous site's layout. Users also spend 35% more time on the site.

Site owners do not have to do any technical work to run thousands of tests. The process / integration with Ezoic is super simple. We've got around 1,000+ different site layouts and the technology will test new page variants to identify which layouts drive the best user experience (i.e time on site, page views per visit etc.) and income from ad revenue.  The system will measure your revenue (earnings per thousand visits), your retention rate / bounce rate, pagesviews per visitor, time spent on site etc... and the system will promote the right layout for desktop, mobile and tablet, based on the data generated.

Each variation is tested by showing different versions to different user groups at the same time. Remember that it's the same content, but with new layouts. You will continue to add content exactly the same way you always have and the Ezoic platform will automatically adjust it to the test layouts.

We have found that the results (in user experience metrics and revenue) speak for themselves, so there is no tie-in, no set up costs, no contract, no commitment required. Test it out and you will see the results for your site by yourself!


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