I Am A Little Concerned About Changing The Nameservers Over. Can You Reassure Me?

Ezoic Customer Service -

That's a very reasonable question, but there is no need to be concerned:

1. You keep control. An important point to remember that changing nameservers is not the same as changing your hosting. You can always change your nameservers back at any time, so whilst it's correct to say that we have 'control' over loading the site's content, you retain ultimate control over whether you keep the service.

2. We don’t parse, nor do we change your content.

3. If you are still uncomfortable, another option is to integrate through Cloudflare by installing the Cloudflare app in the Ezoic interface.  Cloudflare is one of the world’s largest CDNs and is currently processing more then 5% of the world's internet traffic. Ezoic is partnered with Cloudflare, and if you are already using their service, integration is as easy as installing an app.

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