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Step-by-step PDF guide (recommended):

Ad Tester Walk Thru PDF.pdf


Ezoic Ad Tester is a great way to boost your site's income through ad testing. 

Using Ezoic Ad Tester, you can create up to 100 ad units, place them on your site, and let Ezoic test the different combinations of sizes, locations and colors to find what works best for each page of your site on each device.

Ezoic will only display the correct number of ads on each page - so, for example, you can place 20 ad units on a page and Ezoic Ad Tester will display the best 5.

The setup wizard on your dashboard will help you keep track of what step you’re in for setup:

Go to to create an account and get started. 


Step 1: Integrate

In order to Use Ad Tester, you must be integrated with Ezoic.


Step 2: Place Script in Header

Clicking on Setup Ad Testing will bring you to the following screen which contains a script to place in the head of your website. This allows the system to continue showing your original ads on your site for the percentage of traffic not directed at Ezoic.



Step 3: Setup Ad Testing and Create Placeholders

The system will pull in your ad code from your site. You can select where on the page the placeholder should be and name the placeholder for your convenience.

The pulled in code will be converted into an Ezoic placeholder that the system will fill with different ad sizes that you’ve selected. In conjunction with the header script in step 2, the converted ad code will also be able to show your original ads if you turn off the system.

Note: If the system did not detect all your ads, more have been added, or you were using Ezoic Full Site Optimization before the Ad Tester then please see How To Wrap Your Ads

Next, choose what device the ad should show on and select various sizes. The images of devices next to each ad size show the device each size will show on. Green means it is on, and grey means it is off. The default is Ezoic’s suggested devices for each ad size.

It’s very important to select the correct location where you will be placing the ad.  It’s also important that you only select sizes that will fit in each location on the devices you select.


Step 4: Place ad codes on your site

You must copy the entire ad code and paste it into the appropriate location in your sites html.  If you’re using wordpress or another CMS, you’ll want to add this code to your template or widget as required to make it appear where you would like.

example ad unit code:

 example ad code placement on html page:



It’s is your responsibility to ensure that each individual placement has the correct ad location selected AND that all of your placements comply with the Adsense Terms of Service (

This includes no ads under pictures that mimic a slideshow, no ads too close to next buttons or menu items, no ads that look like content and no large ads on the first screen of mobile devices.


Step 5 (optional): Install the Ezoic Chrome Extension

Note: You MUST be using the Chrome browser to install this extension.  It's free, made by Google and is the most popular browser in the world.  If you don't already have Chrome, you can install it here:

On the Ezoic Ad Tester settings page you'll see a message like this:

Click the "Add" button to install the extension.


Step 6 (optional):  Preview your ad placeholders.


NOTE: You must have the Ezoic Chrome Extension installed to complete this step.


First, visit your website in the Chrome browser and install the Ezoic Chrome Extension.

You should see a small Ezoic logo in the top right of your browser that looks like the below. Click on the logo to access the extensions options.

You should see green placeholders in the locations that you placed the Ezoic ad placeholders.  You can preview all the sizes you selected for each location to ensure that they look correct.  You should also emulate a mobile device to ensure that your placements work on mobile phones as well.  You can do this by opening the chrome developer tools (F12) and then enabling device mode (Ctrl + Shift + M / Cmd + Shift + M) (open information here:


You can instead use the AD TESTER CHROME EXTENSION to add new placeholders to show on the Ezoic versions of the site. This is super quick and easy to use! Simply download the extension from the Chrome Web Store, sign in with your Ezoic details, and follow this video!

Using the Chrome Extension



Step 7: Turn on Ezoic Ad Tester

Once you're happy with all your ad placements, go to 'Turn Ezoic On & Off' from the Ezoic Ad Tester Settings Page.

You can turn Ad Tester ON by clicking on the On/Off slider beneath each Device. The percentage of traffic that is sent through the Ezoic platform can be adjusted when you turn on a device.


Any changes must be saved before leaving the page

Note: In order to use Ezoic Ad Tester, you must be integrated with Ezoic and signed up to the DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

Step 8: Patience

As with all testing, it will take time for the Ezoic Ad Tester to test all the possible combinations and find the best ones.  Depending on your website's traffic and the number of positions and sizes that you try, this can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months.

To give you an idea of how many combinations you're testing, please reference the following chart.  This chart assumes 3 possible ad sizes for each placeholder:

Number of Ad Placeholders Number of Combinations to Test
5 3,003
10 142,506
15 1,221,759
20 5,461,512
25 17,259,390
30 43,949,268
35 96,560,646
40 190,578,024
45 346,700,277
50 591,600,030
55 958,683,033
60 1,488,847,536
65 2,231,243,664
70 3,244,032,792
75 4,595,146,920
80 6,363,048,048
85 8,637,487,551
90 11,520,265,554
95 15,125,990,307
100 19,582,837,560



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