How do I change my Site's Menu?

Ezoic Customer Service -

Head into Settings in the Ezoic User Interface. You will see a 'Menu' option in both Basic and Advanced. Click it. Inside, you will be able to edit/add your menu items.

Editing the menu:

  • You can reorder your menu items by clicking the 'crosshair' and then dragging it to the place you'd prefer.

  • Double check the 'preview' to make sure that everything looks to be in order:

Adding items:

  • Type the menu title into corresponding field and click the '+'

  • Then add the partial URL of the menu item you are referring to (e.g. /contact.html), not the entire URL!

  • Hit save! It's that easy.

Please note that your menu must fit within the preview section. If it doesn't fit, you will need to edit things to make sure it does. Otherwise the menus won't run properly on your site!

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