Why are you called Ezoic?

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Why are you called Ezoic?

Ezoic means 'electronic age' ('e' as in email / 'zoic' as in age - like paleozoic). We like being unique having an unusual name - it makes us easy to find online.

What is Ezoic, exactly?

Ezoic is a Website Improvement Platform.  It tests and improves every page of a site - creating new desktop, tablet and mobile pages - to improve user experience as well as advertising income.  

It is our aim to make Ezoic a must-have toolkit for any forward thinking independent website operator.  Since 2010, Ezoic has grown to running over 650 sites, with over 30m visits per month and has also attracted $5.6m in funding from venture capital investors Balderton, Silicon Valley Bank and New Amsterdam Capital.

Our Team

Ezoic has offices in Carlsbad, San Diego California as well as Newcastle, UK.

We have just over a dozen full time employees (mostly technical) with a vast amount of technical experience.  For example, we are the same team who ran the Cubics platform previously, which served over 500m ads per day and was Amazon's largest AWS customer at the time.  Check out our profile on Crunchbase.


Ezoic | CrunchBase

Ezoic | CrunchBase
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