Is It Easy To Get Started?

Ezoic Staff -

Yes. It's super simple to get started testing your site with Ezoic. The steps of getting setup are outlined below.

The Ezoic system is super easy to get started with, in fact, it could all be done within the day, and your account manager and support team ( will be there to help you along every step of the way!

Step 1
Begin by creating an account with Ezoic (this doesn't tie you in!). Once you've created an account, there's a brief approval process in which you'll likely be asked to share read-only access to your Google Analytics account so that our team can take a quick look at your traffic levels.

Step 2
Integrate your site. In order for Ezoic to test and optimize your site's ad placements and layout, you'll need to be integrated with the Ezoic system. This will allow Ezoic to test new layouts for your site while keeping your original layout and content exactly the same. There's a few different options for integrating, check them out here.

Step 3
Wrap all of the existing ads on your site to ensure they're included in testing. Wrapping your existing ads allows Ezoic's system to test the same locations on the Ad Tester layouts along with new ad sizes/locations. For the portion of traffic that sees your original (non Ad Tetser) version, they'll see your original ads as normal.

Step 4
Create placeholders - and then some more. A placeholder is a potential ad location, we recommend adding at least 10 placeholder per page, don't worry, that doesn't mean 10 ads will show, these are just potential locations. 
Ad Tester allows you to test thousands of ad combinations simultaneously. Rather than manually setting up the different experiments, all you need to do is add placeholders to your site.

Step 5
You're done! Let your Ezoic representative (or know you've completed all the steps above and they'll be able to turn the system on in the back-end. Let Ezoic take care of finding the right sized ads and the perfect location for each. You focus on your content! 


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