Mediation Still Pending?

Ezoic Staff -

Mediation is a great app which allows your original ads to compete in testing. We recommend that you add any ad networks which you already use to the Mediation app- but these networks do not need to be 'approved' for you to use Ezoic.

  • The approval for AdSense can take some time- if you have signed up and joined our AdSense Certified Partner Programme do not worry if the app is still pending. If you have not already applied for the Programme, contact your Ezoic representative or send an email to

  • Ezoic mediation only works with Adsense as of now, but more ad networks will be added in the near future. We suggest you add your details for any ad networks you want to use in the future, so you are ready to go when new networks are integrated with the system.


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