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Ezoic automatically caches pages of your site that don't change frequently.

How long the system stores a version for depends on the history of how frequently the content on each page changes.


You can use the Caching App to set the maximum amount of time that Ezoic will cache a page or directory (and to manually force the system to clear the cache).

To Create a Rule:

1. Install the Caching App in your Ezoic App Store
2. Click 'Add Caching Rule'
3. Select the directory and add a '/' for the URL (this will update the cache for 4. every page of the site that follows the '/')
5. Set the chosen caching time
6. Toggle 'Clear Cache Now' if you'd like to clear the cache now
7. Add the rule-

In the future, if you ever wish to clear the cache for the entire site, simply click the 'Clear Cache' button under 'Actions'.

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