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Ezoic is an easy-to-use platform for all publishers. We think you'll find that getting started with Ezoic is fun and exciting. Below, are the simple steps necessary to implement Ezoic successfully on your digital property.

The 5 Easy Steps To Success

Step 1: Integrate Site

Step 2: Add Header Code  & Wrap Existing Ads

Step 3: Create New Placeholders

Step 4: Apply for the Google Ad Exchange

Step 5: Turn on Ezoic


Step 1: Integrate Your Site

Working with Ezoic is very simple.

You sign-up and create an account: www.ezoic.com/join. Then, all you have to do is enable Integration and connecting to Ezoic's CDN by changing nameservers - this helps speed up your site and simplifies the entire setup process. There is no need to add or remove code or change your site in any way.


Implementing Accelerated Integration

Start by logging into your Ezoic account. You should see the steps listed on your dashboard. Now, click on Integrate Your Site.


The recommended method of integration is Nameservers Integration (this what 99% of our existing publishers choose and the single best option for using Ezoic). We use Amazon Cloud Services (AWS) with four data centers around the world to serve the site quickly and reliably (in most cases, much faster than it likely is today). 

All you need to do is update your nameserver addresses at your domain registrar. This makes it easy for you to turn Ezoic on and off while keeping your site up and running; while also ensuring that Ezoic will work with all other site configurations you already have in place.

The instructions are right there on the screen, but if you need additional help on changing your nameservers, here's an article on how to do it with the most common hosts or registrars. It takes less than 1 minute and ensures you have no issues integrating Ezoic on your site.

If you're already using CloudFlare, you're in luck!

CloudFlare users can integrate simply by installing the CloudFlare app in the Ezoic App Store. Ezoic will then pull in your CloudFlare records and become your master DNS since we are a CloudFlare partner.

The full instructions on how to integrate with the CloudFlare app can be downloaded by clicking here.

We DO NOT recommend Javascript integration for 99% of websites


This method is only designed for small publishers who cannot change settings in their DNS (like a blogger.com website). This method is not recommended for sites with traffic greater than 30,000 visits per month and may slow the site down and increase the risk of JS conflicts.

This type of integration is not recommended for 99% of publishers. Please contact your Ezoic account manager if you're considering this form of integration.

You're done!

That should cover it. Once integrated via name servers or CloudFlare it will take less than 24 hours for the nameservers to propagate. If you have any questions regarding the integration steps listed above, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your account manager or support@ezoic.com.


Step 2: Add Header Code & Wrap Ads

Now, return to your home screen.


Click on Setup Ad Testing.

Next, paste the code supplied in the first text box on this screen to the <head> section of your website. You can see an example in the second text box.


Once this is completed, click on Continue to Step 3 at the bottom of the screen.

Wrapping your existing ads

Wrapping existing ad units is the first and most important step in preparing your website for Ad Tester. Wrapping an ad unit allows the Ad Tester app to test ad units in the same locations that you are currently using. Traffic reserved for your existing ad setup will see your current ads unchanged.

Leaving ads unwrapped means existing ad units will interfere with Ezoic’s testing; causing inaccurate optimization, reporting, and less revenue. There are numerous issues that can arise from having ads unwrapped, so it is critical that all existing ads have Ezoice placeholder codes wrapped around them.

To see step by step instructions on how to to do this properly, use the guide below.



Step 3: Create New Ad Placeholders

Ad Tester allows you to test thousands of ad combinations simultaneously. Rather than manually setting up the different experiments, all you need to do is add placeholders to your site.


A “placeholder” is a potential ad location. Placeholders take the guesswork out of running an experiment. Ezoic’s artificial intelligence automatically figures out the best ad combination for each individual user using scientific data from your site. The more options you give the system to test, the more customized the outcome, which means better user experiences for visitors and more revenue for publishers.

To ensure you do this properly, use the guide below.



Step 4: Apply For Google Ad Exchange

Next, return to the home screen and click on Apply To Google Ad Exchange.


AdX is Google's premium ad exchange, which has thousands of ad networks compete for your ad inventory. Increased competition means a higher price and more money for you!

Do I need to do this if I already use AdSense?

Yes, Ezoic serves ads from the Google Ad Exchange, so you will need to apply to AdX to start showing ads through Ezoic. Your AdSense account will not be affected, and revenue collected from traffic going to your original layout will continue to go directly to your AdSense account.

The application will take only a short moment.


Step 5: Turn Ezoic On & Set Your Preferences

Finally, return to the home screen and click on Turn on Ezoic.


Start by which type of device traffic you'd like to use Ezoic on. Then, select the percentage of your website traffic you would like Ezoic to optimize and test. The traffic not going through Ezoic will go to your normal site; as it is configured now.


Remember to save your settings and you're done.


You're Finished. 

That should cover it. Once completed, it will take less than 24 hours for the nameservers to propagate and to have all elements of your website approved. If you have any questions regarding the steps listed above, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your account manager or support@ezoic.com.


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