Why Aren't Ads Showing Up On My Site?

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There are a few reasons why ads might not being showing up on your site. Use this checklist to make sure you’ve got everything set up properly. Once you’ve completed all the steps, ads should begin to show on your site!

1. Is your site integrated?

Your site must be integrated with Ezoic in order for ads to show. We recommend the name server integration method (95% of our publishers choose this method). If you’re an existing Cloudflare user, click here.

2. Have you setup ad testing?

  • Did you wrap your existing ads?
  • Did you create and place new placeholders on your site?
  • Did you add at least 6 placeholders per page?

See our Best Practices Guide for more tips on how to set things up effectively.

3. Is Ezoic turned on?

In order for ads to show, you must be sending a portion of your traffic to Ezoic and the ad tester app has to be turned on.

4. Have you applied for Google’s Ad Exchange?

This step is mandatory, and is only made available after you’ve integrated your site. Your site has to be approved by Google for AdX before we are able to serve ads on your behalf. Getting approved can take anywhere from 1-5 hours.

5. Have you given the name servers time to propagate?

In order to prevent conflict, we typically like to keep your site turned 'off' in the back-end for 18 hours to ensure that the name servers fully propagate before testing.

6. Is your site protected with a SSL certificate?

If yes, Ezoic will not be able to work with your site until you successfully upload your unique SSL certificate and key to our system. You can do that in Settings > Advanced > SSL Settings within the Ezoic Interface.


Still not seeing ads?

Please contact support@ezoic.com.


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