How can Affiliates Use Meta Tags to Track Specific Sites/Campaigns?

Megan Blanc -

This is an easy trick for affiliates who want to track specific campaigns, or even specific sites that they want to refer over to Ezoic.

You simply need to set-up a “meta-tag” for your referral link. A meta tag makes a unique URL depending on what you want to track.


To do this, first go to Sources within your Tapfiliate account. Then click ‘New Source’. There are two options there - ‘website’ and ‘other’.

  • Use ‘other’ for campaigns. For example a Facebook or AdWords campaign.
  • Use ‘website’ for specific sites you are tracking/trying to recruit to the platform. For example,,, etc. This type of source requires a URL.

Once you have set-up the source, proceed to ‘Assets’>Advanced. This is where you will actually generate the unique referral link. Select the 'Source' and add the words that will make the URL different from the generic one you are given - note the words will be added to the actual URL (for example,

Notice the at the end? You can use this to make the referral link a little more personal!


That’s it though. You can copy the referral link and use it anywhere you'd like - everything will continue to track as normal, but now you will be able to filter the source through the ‘Reporting’ tab of your affiliate account.

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