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  1. How to Switch Hosting Providers
    When you switch hosts it's important to update your DNS records in your Ezoic account to match those as they appear at your new host.
    October 29, 2021    Troubleshooting Integration
  2. How To Update / Add DNS Records and Subdomains
    1. Remove integration with Ezoic · 2. Switch your hosting company · 3. Update your DNS settings in your Dashboard · 4. Re-integrate with Ezoic.
    July 11, 2019    Troubleshooting Integration
  3. WordPress Hosting App
    Steps to Switching to Ezoic's Hosting: There are 2 different ways to transfer your site to Ezoic hosting*. In order to get started go to the 'Settings ...
    July 11, 2019    Account Wordpress Hosting
  4. Why Do My Online DNS Records Not Match Those In My Ezoic DNS Settings?
    ... change. And while it's relatively rare for hosts to be confused about this, you may also be informed by your host that your website “no ...
    October 21, 2021    Getting Started Integration
  5. Why Aren't Ads Showing Up On My Site?
    Read more about how changing hosts works with Name server or Cloudflare integration here: How to Switch Hosting Providers. 7. Has Ezoic's SSL ...
    July 11, 2019    Troubleshooting Monetization
  6. What are the benefits of integrating via name servers (connecting with Ezoic's CDN)?
    An important point to remember is that changing nameservers is not the same as changing your hosting. You can always change your nameservers back at any ...
    July 11, 2019    Getting Started Integration
  7. Change Name Servers at Hostinger
    Related articles. Change Name Servers at 1&1 / 1and1 / one and one · Change Name Servers at · Change Name Servers at A2 Hosting · Change Name ...
    January 14, 2021    Getting Started How to change your name servers at your registrar
  8. How to Fix Hosting Migration Errors
    ... host about this to get help updating the SFTP user permissions. If you can't do that, then you can try switching to manual migration instead.
    April 12, 2023    Account Wordpress Hosting
  9. How does Ezoic's Name Server Integration work?
    Switching from WordPress Integration to Ezoic Cloud Integration · What ... host. You should keep the Ezoic system off while you're setting up ...
    July 11, 2019    Getting Started Integration
  10. Switching from WordPress Integration to Ezoic Cloud Integration
    DEBUNKED: Common Misconceptions Around Name Server Integration. Cloud integration via name servers means changing my hosting. False ...
    November 6, 2019    Getting Started Integration

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