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Change name servers at HostGator
Modified on: Mon, 1 Jun, 2020 at 3:28pm

To change the name servers for a domain registered with HostGator:

Go to

1. Log in with your billing account email and password to access any domains attached to that billing account (this will be the same login as Once logged in, you will see any domains attached to the billing account along with basic information about each domain.

2. Click on the desired domain name to get to the Domain Overview which will show more details about the selected domain and provide access to several other functions. 


3. Click the Name Servers tab from the left-hand menu.

4. Hover your mouse over the icons on the left, then click Name Servers: 


5. To manually point your domain to specific name servers:

  1. Select Manually set my name servers.
  2. Click Use Custom Name Servers and enter the name servers provided by Ezoic ('Settings' > 'Nameservers' > 'View Instructions' in the Ezoic Dashboard) in the Name Server 1 & 2 fields: 


6. Once you have entered your name servers, click Save Name Servers to save your changes.

Please remember that name server changes can take 24 to 48 hours to propagate.

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