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Getting Started with Humix Network Videos

Modified on: Fri, 29 Jul, 2022

Humix is a global video network that allows publishers to increase traffic and revenue using digital video. Humix delivers unprecedented collaboration between sites and digital video creators. Ezoic publishers can upload, share, or display videos using Humix by enabling the display of network videos on their sites. Publishers can also choose to have videos they upload shared across the network.

Humix auto-generates a channel page and library on your website, allowing search engines and the Humix network to send you visitors directly. It's like owning your own YouTube.

To get started, first click the ‘Enable Humix’ button within your dashboard.


Once ‘Enable Humix’ has been selected, your entire video library will show up below, along with some toggles for usage settings with Humix.


Grow: Share Videos - Sharing videos uploaded in Ezoic to the Humix network allows those videos to display on other websites, providing a new stream of traffic and revenue from your uploaded video. Enabling this will show all of your videos as being shared in the video grid below, and it will automatically share all future videos you upload to the Humix video network.

Auto-Engage & Earn: Display Video - Displaying videos from Humix on pages without videos allows you to provide readers with more engaging content, while providing additional streams of revenue on those pages. We will scan your website for potential video locations and display videos that are a good fit for the content on the page.


Share on Humix - After you enable the Grow: Share Videos toggle, if you decide you don’t want a specific video added to the Humix video network, you can toggle this to ‘off’ on any video and it will be removed from the Humix video network. Alternatively, you can share individual videos by toggling this setting to ‘on’ if you want to share only a few videos at a time.


 If you haven’t uploaded any videos yet to your Ezoic Video library, you’ll see some buttons that will direct you to the Ezoic Video page so you can do so. If you don’t have videos uploaded, you can still enable the Auto-Engage & Earn: Display Video setting to begin generating revenue from the Humix network video library.


The view count displayed on your videos in the video grid is the number of times your video has been viewed from another publisher’s website recently.


Once you’ve shared your videos with the Humix video network, or you are using the Auto-Engage & Earn: Display Video setting, head over to the Analytics tab to check the results.


 You’ll also be able to see a brief overview of the videos you have uploaded that have been displayed by other publishers recently in the Shared Videos table. In addition, you can view videos that have been displayed on your website with the Auto-Engage & Earn: Display Videos setting in the Inserted Videos table.

If you see a video that has been displayed on your website that you no longer wish to have inserted in the future, click the ‘block’ button, which will allow you to exclude the displayed video in the future.


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