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Affiliate Complications (Q&As)

Modified on: Wed, 24 Jun, 2020

1. How do you deal with duplicate leads / what is your attribution model? For example if a potential site is on your CRM's prospect list and then I send the same prospect to you, who would get the credit? Or, if the client isn't on your list, but you are pitching to them while I sent the same lead, at which point does it become your lead over mine?

Yes! You would get the credit for the conversion in this case. If a prospective publishers uses your promotion as means of researching/learning more about Ezoic, then the affiliate program is functioning exactly the way we intended it to!

2. How does it work if someone is influenced, but already used Ezoic in the past?

Unfortunately, our affiliate program can only give credit for a conversion if someone both signs up AND starts using Ezoic. For that reason, if someone starts using Ezoic after a hiatus, you will not be eligible for any commission (because they already have an Ezoic account).

3. How does it work if a potential publisher has clicked more than one Ezoic referral link in the past 14 days?

The affiliate whose referral link was clicked LAST will receive the commission. In other words, the “last cookie in” gets credit for the sale.

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