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Getting Started with Humix Network Video

Modified on: Thu, 11 May, 2023

The network aspect of Humix is specifically made to help you build a more successful site by giving you the opportunity to use video from the global video network, and to share your own videos for others to use. Whether you want to participate in sharing, displaying, or the combination, publishers who are using the Humix network have already shown rewarding results with several sites doubling their total video revenue and seeing increased traffic to their site and web pages with video.

The Humix network delivers an unprecedented collaboration between sites and digital video creators. When you upload videos into your Humix Studio, you have the opportunity to then opt-in to share your videos with the network, while also enabling the ability to increase the number of videos by displaying videos from the network.

Getting Access

To get started, from your publisher Ezoic dashboard, click on the "Humix" button.


Then click "Turn On" from the Overview tab. You will need to accept the video content agreement.


Where to go to enable network videos

There are three places in your Humix dashboard that allow you to opt-in to the network:

  1. From the "Site" menu, click on the "Network opt-ins" tab
  2. From the "Monetization" menu, click on the "Network opt-ins" tab
  3. From the "Channel" menu, click on the "Network opt-ins" tab


While on the "Network opt-ins" tab, you will see two options:

  • Grow: Share Videos — send your uploaded videos to allow those videos to be displayed on other websites
  • Engage: Display Network Videos — display videos from the network on your site to provide readers with more engaging content

Toggle on the option that is most suitable to you, or enable both to get the maximum benefit from the network.

If you haven't uploaded any videos yet to your Humix Studio, you'll see a button that will direct you to the add new video section. If you are a non-video publisher, you can still enable the Engage: Display Network Videos to begin augmenting your content with videos from the network, generating revenue from those added network videos.


Setting Up Shared Videos:

Once you have uploaded videos into your Humix Studio, and want to enable the Grow: Share Videos toggle, you have a few options:

  • If you want to share all of your videos — turn the toggle On, and automatically all of your videos will be shown as shared and available on the network
  • If you want to share the majority of your videos — turn the toggle On, then find any videos you might not want to share and change the video card toggle to Off.
  • If you want to share only specific videos — keep the toggle Off, then find the videos you want to share and change the video card toggle to On.

You'll be able to see a list of all shared videos from the Overview menu, Shared Videos tab.


Setting Up Displayed Videos:

If you want to display videos from the network on pages without videos, change the toggle to On next to "Engage: Display Network Videos". 


After enabling, you have two settings that you can adjust to make sure the added videos are how you want them:

  • Video Relevancy — click "change" to control how the video will match your content
    • Less means the network videos will not match your content as well, but more videos will be shown
    • More means the network videos will better match your content, but fewer videos will be shown
  • Display Settings — choose if you want video embeds to utilize the AI technology to auto-insert network videos, allow float behavior for auto-insert network videos, and define the maximum size of the auto-insert video.

You’ll be able to see a list of all displayed videos from the Overview menu, Inserted Videos tab.


If you see a video that has been displayed on your website that you no longer wish to have inserted in the future, click the ‘block’ button from the Action column in the table, which will exclude that network video from being displayed on your site.


Finally, you can track performance and see the results by clicking "Analytics" from the Overview menu to be taken to Big Data Analytics, or get a snapshot right on the Overview page.


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