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How do I manage Humix-related video content?

Modified on: Mon, 28 Nov, 2022

Where can I see the videos I have shared with Humix and have been used by other sites?

While on the Humix overview, you will find the shared tab. This list will show all of your shared videos that have been used by other publishers and you can see an overview of the playback count.


Can I use my video playlists with Humix?

Video playlists created in your Video tab are playable on humix.com

Why do I have a Humix page, what is that?

If you enable sharing your videos, Humix will auto-generate a channel page and library on your website. Your Humix channel page will show all of your uploaded videos. Those videos are indexed by Google allowing your videos to show in search engine results and the Humix network to send you visitors directly - a true SEO benefit! It’s like owning your own YouTube service.

Example channel page URL: https://www.domain.com/humix/ (must have trailing forward slash).


On your Humix channel page, your site’s logo will appear in the top left corner, and scrollable gallery rows are divided into your playlists, most viewed videos, and most liked videos.

When using the search function from your channel page you will only see results of your own video inventory. If you are looking to find videos from the entire network, you must start from the Humix.com homepage (not your channel page).

If you do not own any videos but are using Humix’s “Engage & Earn” to display other publishers’ videos on your site, your channel page will be empty. Channel pages only list videos that are owned by that publisher.

Where can I see the videos displayed/inserted on my site?

While on the Humix overview, you will find the displayed tab. This table will list the videos from other publishers that have been inserted on your website. In the search bar, you can search by title (default), change to search description, or have both title and description searchable.

You’ll also be able to see an overview of metrics including:

  1. Playback count
  2. Revenue (Engage & Earn)
  3. Video relevancy
  4. Actions
    1. View URL
    2. Remove from site

Is there an option to change the Humix directory to something other than domainname.com/humix (i.e. domainname.com/videohub)?

No, there is not an option for custom routing and it is not something we plan for later.

Are there dedicated pages for my videos?

Every video has a dedicated video page under your video channel. These videos are not part of the shared network unless you’ve given permission to share with other publishers.

An example dedicated video URL is https://www.domain.com/humix/video/id123

Clicking “Visit Article” will open the page where that video is embedded.
Clicking “Visit Channel” will open that publisher’s network of videos to see more.


If you do not want dedicated video pages you need to request for them to be turned off. With disabling comes the loss of SEO, page traffic, and brand awareness.

Do my Humix videos help me show up in search results?

Yes. By using the "Grow/Share" setting on Humix, you have the SEO benefit of your video content being indexed which helps you become discoverable in video search results. With a relevant search query in Google, the video search results will show your dedicated article page with the video embedded. When that result link is clicked, the visitor is taken to the dedicated article page which gives them two options: 1) to view that video, or 2) click on your Humix channel page to see more of your shared videos.

An important reminder is to make sure your video content has a title and a description so that the video can be indexed. If the video doesn’t have a description, it will not be indexed to show in search results. If you do catch a video without these fields, you as the publisher can request Google to recrawl the URLs which should resolve the issue of those videos not being searchable.


Are auto-placeholders that insert Humix videos on my pages compliant with Google?

Yes, Humix’s auto-insertion of videos is GAM-compliant. You can also navigate to the Humix tab, open “Site”, and select “Batch Update Embeds” to customize more. Humix auto-insert videos will use the float device, float behavior, autostart, and loop settings if you have set those up.


What if I don't like where the auto-insert placeholders are appearing on my pages?

You can turn off AI placeholders under the "Display Settings" that is below "Auto-Engage & Earn". Turning auto-insert placeholders off would then require empty placeholders that you manually add to your pages so that those locations can be filled with video from the Humix Video Network.


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