How do I prevent invalid/bot traffic coming to my website?

Modified on: Thu, 28 Jan, 2021

Invalid or bot traffic can be caused by the following:

- Buying expired domains or redirecting old sites to a new one has the potential to redirect unwanted spam traffic your way.

- Being an easy hacking target. Bots trying to login to CMS admin so they can hack into a site. Sites should set their CMS login page to something different than a common or default URL (for example, make the login page instead of /admin)

- Sharing content or “link-building” using common practices espoused by SEO hires online. Sharing links to your site in comment sections, online listings, and in places that it’s highly possible that web crawlers may try to crawl those pages makes it ideal for crawlers hitting your site pages with a lot of frequency. If the crawler is unsophisticated or the link is on a page that is hit by bots a lot, this can trickle down to more invalid traffic to your site.

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