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How Does the Review Process for Ezoic Access Now Work?

Modified on: Sun, 2 Oct, 2022


  1. What is the 'Ezoic review'
  2. How to make sure the review period is not paused or interrupted
  3. FAQs

1. What is the ‘Ezoic review’

Reviews for sites under the Access Now programme take up to 10 working days (less time for sites with more traffic). The review period enables the Ezoic Onboarding Team to ensure your site meets Ezoic’s high platform quality standards, in regard to content and traffic.

There are no minimum traffic requirements for sites enrolled under the Access Now programme. The traffic review does not measure the volume or quantity of the traffic coming to your site, but rather the quality of it. In certain circumstances, you may receive a ‘review extended’ message in your dashboard. The extension of the review does not mean the site has been denied access to monetization features, it simply means that it is taking longer than expected 10 days to complete the review as there is not enough data for the team to analyse. If your review has exceeded ten working days, there’s no cause for concern and you will be notified as such. If you’ve waited much longer than ten working days (20+ days), contact the Onboarding Team through Twist.

Note that reviews can take longer than the said ten working days during busy periods

Correspondence regarding the outcome of your review can be found via email as well as your Ezoic dashboard. If the status of the review is ‘approved’ you will gain access to Ezoic monetization features. If the status is ‘not approved’ you will not have access to Ezoic monetization features.

Reviews can only take place once a site is integrated with Ezoic, please ensure that your site is integrated either via nameservers or Cloudflare so that the team can begin the review process.

2. How to ensure the review period is not paused or interrupted

To make sure your review period is as short as possible, there are several things you must do:

  • Assure that you do not have any copy/paste blockers enabled. The Ezoic Onboarding Team considers content to be ‘locked’ when this is enabled, which prevents them from analysing the quality of the content.
  • Make sure there are no errors on the site. Origin errors (such as 520, 521 etc.) also prevent the Ezoic onboarding team from completing their review. If you do notice an origin error, follow the attached guide to assure your review is not prolonged: https://support.ezoic.com/kb/article/how-to-fix-origin-errors
  • Assure caching plugins and caching at your host are disabled. Plugins such as Jetpack, Nitropack and LightSpeed Cache can prevent data from recording in Ezoic’s BDA (Big Data Analytics). Without analytics to assess, the Onboarding team cannot complete the review.
  • Disable ReallySimple SSL. Although not a caching plugin, RealySimple SSL can also cause issues with the recording of data in BDA. You can instead use Ezoic’s SSL app (found in the settings tab of your dashboard) to assure your site is secure and running https.

3. FAQs

  • I was approved by AdSense, do I still need to be reviewed by Ezoic?’ - Regardless of a site's status in AdSense, Ezoic will complete a separate review.
  • I have not been granted access to Ezoic’s monetization features, what can I do?’ - In certain circumstances, the Ezoic team does allow sites to be rereviewed. You should check your dashboard to see whether your site is eligible for rereview.
  • I have been approved by Ezoic but denied by Google Ad Manager, what can I do?’ - You need to be approved by both Ezoic and Google Ad Manager (MCM) in order to monetize your site. If you are disapproved by Google, you should see the reason why under the ‘Connect to Google’ step. If there is no reason, you can ask our Onboarding team via Twist.

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