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How to Create an Ezoic Referral Banner Ad using WordPress

Modified on: Wed, 27 Jan, 2021

Ezoic’s Referral Program is an easy way to earn additional revenue each month. Through this program, you will earn 3% of the total monthly revenue (recurring every month) generated by any site that you refer to Ezoic for the lifetime of that publisher on Ezoic’s platform.

How can I set up an Ezoic referral banner ad on my site?

Step 1:

Log in to your site’s WP admin page.

Once you are logged into WP admin, on the left-hand side of your dashboard, select ‘Appearance’ > ‘Widgets’:


Step 2:

Within the ‘Widgets’ dashboard, you can now select ‘Custom HTML’ and the location of where you would like the ad to display. In this example, we will select ‘Sidebar Area’ and then ‘Add widget':


Step 3:

Once you select ‘Add Widget,’ a custom HTML box will appear where you can add the embedded code of the premade referral ad that you would like to use:


Step 4:

To retrieve the embedded code, please open a separate tab and log into your Ezoic dashboard.

Ezoic users have access to a separate affiliate account, which you can access by logging into your Ezoic dashboard and clicking the profile icon in the top right corner, then selecting ‘Referral Program':


Step 5:

After clicking 'Referral Program,’ you will see an overview of the program, as well as a Username and Password. Use these credentials to log into your account:


The 'Start Here' button will redirect you to the log-in page, hosted by a third-party provider: https://affiliates.ezoic.com/login.

# Tip: if the Start Here button doesn't bring you to the login screen below please open the link in a new incognito window.


Step 6:

Once you are logged in, on the far left, you will see an 'Assets' tab. Within that tab, you will find all of the premade creatives that can be used for your referral ad, along with the embedded code needed to add the creative to your site:


Copy the embedded code of the creative you would like to use and re-open your WP admin tab. From here, you can paste the embedded code into the ‘Content’ section and click ‘Save':


Once you hit save, your Ezoic referral banner ad will be live on your site!

Please see here for additional information on our referral program.

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