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How To Edit Menu Items

Modified on: Mon, 13 May, 2024

The Ezoic system automatically builds a menu from your existing content. Most of the time the menu on the Ezoic version of your site mirrors that of the original site. However, there are times when the original menu is too large for some of the Ezoic layouts, and therefore it has to be reconfigured. Our team does its best to build your menu for you, but if you need to add, edit, or move menu items, you can do so by logging into your Ezoic dashboard and navigating to 'Settings' > 'Content' > 'Menu' > 'Manage Menu':

This 'Menu Editor' allows you to preview what your menu looks like currently.

Click and drag the icon on the left side of a menu item to change its position.

To create a dropdown underneath a menu item, pull and drag the menu item that you would like to be in a dropdown so that it appears indented underneath its parent menu. There is a limit of 2 menu levels in a dropdown.

To add an item to your menu, enter the name of the item and select the '+':


You will then need to enter some additional information. The 'Label' area is what the item will be labeled as on the menu and the URL is where the item directs visitors. You do not need to include the entire URL, just the part following your domain name. 


If your site uses multiple subdomains, the 'Sub-Domain Menu' tab allows you to create a different menu for each subdomain. Otherwise, the default menu will be shown across all pages on your website:


The 'Secondary Menu' tab allows you to place links that you consider to be less important to you and your users (Privacy Policy, Site Map, etc.) into a row of links that will be displayed apart from the main menu:


Don't forget to 'Save' any changes that you make!

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