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Humix Quick Action: Add Video

Modified on: Thu, 6 Jul, 2023

We’ve streamlined the process for how you add videos to your studio library so that you can quickly and easily make your video content do more for you. Let’s take a look at what's new.


Clicking on the “Add Video” quick action button from your Overview page will take you to a starter page where you’ll see a toggle bar at the top to select how you want to add video. We default to begin the “Add Video” upload process, but should you have videos that you need to import, click on “YouTube Import” or “MRSS Feed” to begin that process.

At the top left corner of the page is a back button to return to the Main Overview page.

These navigation options will remain on the screen throughout your selected upload process. *If you navigate away from the page while an upload is still being processed, any associated settings will be lost but the video will be saved to your Studio library with its default filename. To ensure that all of your provided upload details are saved, we recommend finishing the upload process before leaving the page.


Add Video

When you select “Add Video” from the toggle bar, you will see a drop zone box to drag & drop a video to upload, or you can click on the Select File button. Either option will allow you to find your video and begin the upload process.


Add Video Details — Step 1 (Required)

After selecting your video, you will be taken to the “Add Video Details” step, which is required to continue with your upload:

- this defaults to your filename, but you can click and type a new title that best represents your video content

- click into the box to start typing a descriptive explanation for what your video is about to not only help your viewers understand what they will watch, but to index your video to show in search results.

- this defaults to “Public”, but you can use the dropdown to mark as “Private” which will hide the video from public access.

Add to Playlists
- allows you to include that video into one or many playlists by selecting the checkboxes, or click “New Playlist” to create a playlist. Creating a new playlist will prompt you to name the playlist, assign visibility, and select playlist configurations such as loop, shuffle, and autoskip.


You’ll be able to monitor the upload status via the progress bar. This will update to say “Success, 100%” when complete.


When processing is complete, you can click “Change Thumbnail” to update the image shown with your video. You will have the option to use a frame grab Humix has identified, or upload your own image. Click “Save” if you have modified the current selection to apply the change.


Once you have completed all the fields in step 1, you’re ready to click “Continue” to advance to step 2 where you can optimize your video with SEO information and additional settings.


If you’re in a hurry, you can click “Submit & Finish” to complete your upload with only the bare minimum requirements. You will want to remember to find this uploaded video in your Humix Studio, click Edit, to add the SEO & Settings at a later time.

Video SEO & Settings – Step 2 (Recommended)

After clicking “Continue”, you’ll be taken to step 2 which allows you to further optimize your video with information that helps your video appear in relevant search results, and apply settings that improve the viewer experience.


- words that are associated with the specific kind of content your video is about to help people search and locate your video. You can add as many as you want, just separate each word with a comma


Content Category
- a classification system used to identify what your video content is about. Select only one that best describes the video’s topic. Your selection will appear as a tag. Click the ‘x’ to remove to add a different category.


Closed Captions
- written text that appears on the screen to provide additional audio information to viewers who cannot hear the audio. Captions are auto-generated for you, but can be edited by clicking on the pencil icon from the table. Or, you can click “Add a Transcript” to upload your own.


Info Banner - an on-screen graphic that typically contains information related to the content being watched or links users to additional information related to the content. Click “Add Link” to type the display text and enter in the URL to take the viewer to.


Adjust Start Time
- begins the video at that set timeframe for viewers to watch from a particular time instead of from the beginning. Useful when you have an intro that can be skipped. Select the checkbox, and type when you want the video to start in the field below in the format HH:MM:SS.


Advanced Settings
- currently includes the option to “Restrict by Referer”. This is defaulted to toggle off to allow for more video views, but should you want to prevent other sites from using your iFrame, change the toggle to on.


After you have added the information you want to include, make sure to click the “Finish” button at the bottom to save and submit, which will complete the upload process.


Confirmation Page

After clicking “Finish” from step 2, or “Submit & Finish” from step 1, you will see a success page confirming your upload is complete. This page has useful information such as:

  • Showing how many playlists your video was added to
  • If enabled, that your video was shared to Humix.com Network.
  • If not enabled, you’ll have the opportunity to choose to share just that new upload, or enable sharing for this and all future uploads.
  • If you are not approved for monetization, you will see an alert to take action.
  • Copy URL
  • Copy Embed Code

  • Launch Buttons to:

  • See Video Library - takes you to your Humix Studio
  • Edit Video - re-opens the upload flow to add or update information
  • Edit Dedicated Video Page - your Humix.com channel page for the video

  • And, “Upload Another” button to repeat the process for additional videos you would like to upload.
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