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Levels Custom Milestones

Modified on: Thu, 6 Apr, 2023

What are custom milestones?

Custom milestones are what you can use to convert business strategy & tactics into action. Just like a mile marker on the side of the road, milestones help to show how far you’ve gone. By selecting an area of focus and setting a desired outcome based on current stats, you can begin tracking progress as you implement changes on your website.

Milestones are now also connected with Ezoic Recommendations (currently found in your Ezoic Ads dashboard) that will help you achieve your milestone and help your overall website to perform more optimally, increasing your potential for more revenue.

As a publisher, why should I create custom milestones?

Setting milestones gives you the opportunity to identify not only what you want to improve, but how you are changing along the way to either decide to pivot or continue with your strategy plan. 

By tracking milestone events, you are setting yourself up for success to make goals achievable and raise visibility for what matters the most to you and your website.

Who has access to create custom milestones?

Currently, Custom Milestones is only available to U.S. publishers in Levels 1–VIP in their Levels Dashboard.

Where do I go to start making custom milestones?

If you are a U.S. publisher in Levels 1–VIP, while on your Ezoic dashboard, click or hover over the Levels box and then select "Levels Dashboard".


From here, click on "Accomplishments" from the left menu, and then select the "Custom Milestones" tab.


How do I set up my first milestone?

Once on the Custom Milestones tab, click the "Create New Milestone" button to start the setup process.


Step 1: provides options to select what area they want to improve/track. Current categories are Revenue, Site, and Video with related subcategories (e.g. Total Video Revenue).

Step 2:
provides guided prompts for selecting a timeframe (overall or monthly), the site from a list of their domains, Ezoic automatically populated what they currently have so that the publisher can input a value for what they want to achieve, and an optional field to name their milestone for easy reference (e.g. Total Video Revenue goal $50).


Click Save to activate the milestone. This will close the setup process and take you to the milestone dashboard where you will see a progress circle for each milestone created.


Use the filter buttons to only show milestones that are In Progress (pink), Completed (green), or the default view "Total" to see everything.


What happens once I complete a milestone?

If the milestone was on an overall timeframe, the milestone when achieved will be marked off as complete. Click the filter button "Completed" to show just finished milestones. In the bottom left corner, click "Archive Milestone" to remove it from the default view.

If the milestone was on a monthly timeframe, the milestone will automatically restart at the beginning of the next month, with three additional options:

  1. Update the goal to a higher value directly on the milestone card.
  2. Click "See Monthly History" to track monthly progress since the milestone was created.
  3. "Archive Milestone" to remove it entirely from your list and no longer track monthly progress.

How do I edit a milestone?

If edits are needed, click on the pencil icon associated with the milestone which will open the setup process to make updates.


If you want to remove the custom milestone entirely, while in edit mode click the "Delete" button in the bottom left corner. There will be a prompt to confirm that deletion action.


What will I see when I click "See Recommendations to reach your milestone"?

For an In Progress milestone, in the bottom left corner of the card will be a clickable link that will launch the Recommendations where a table is automatically filtered to show specific changes a publisher can do that would positively impact their milestone and their overall total earnings and website performance.


From this Recommendations list, a publisher can either select Fix All to allow Ezoic to take care of those tasks on their behalf, or from the Manually Fix section a publisher can update the task on their own by clicking "Fix", or when available click "Assist" to have an Ezoic team member help them complete that recommendation.


If I have feedback where can I submit my thoughts?

Please submit all feedback via this form: https://forms.gle/FyEKoxdAFT7XvfcT7

We monitor all submissions and take action to continually improve this feature.

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