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Signing Up With Ezoic - Money & Getting Paid

Modified on: Thu, 5 May, 2022

Signing Up and Getting Paid with Ezoic is simple!

1. When you sign on with Ezoic, there’s no strings attached and no tie ins. Signing up is quick and easy, and options are transparent

2. Ezoic is free to use (we don’t take a cut of your site’s income). Paid-plan options are available for larger publishers.

3. Ezoic's platform collects all of the ad-revenue and deposits it into one place meaning single payout through Ezoic for hundreds of ad and data networks.

4. Paid out on net-30 day payment terms in arrears (paid out 1 month after revenue is collected. Ex: December revenue paid out at the end of January).

5. You can disconnect at any time if there’s no-added-value to your site or users! Simply remove integration and your site reverts to the original version.

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