Site Speed Accelerator subscriptions: how does the pricing work?

Modified on: Mon, 11 Jan, 2021

Pricing for the site speed accelerator is based on total page views and the number of domains on which you want to use the tool. The domain limit only applies to non monetized sites (sites on which you’re not using ad tester simultaneously). You can use the accelerator on as many monetized sites as you like up to the page view limit selected for your given plan. These would be covered in the same monthly payment.

Let’s take a look at how to set this up:

First navigate to the speed menu in your Ezoic dashboard:


2. Click on ‘manage subscription’:


3. Decide whether you want to be billed on a monthly or annual basis:


4. Choose a plan based on the total expected page views combined on all the sites on which you want to use the accelerator:


5. Add a payment method and set it as the default card:


We currently only accept credit, debit, or Payoneer prepaid card as payment methods.

Site Speed Accelerator charges will show up here in your dashboard:


Changing your plan

Pricing typically starts at $19 per month for monetized domains and $29 if not using monetization. Publishers on our Premium Elite plans are entitled to a discount on the site speed subscription which will show up once you select a plan.

If you’d like to change your plan (e.g add more domains = more page views), or in the event that you sell your website and want to cancel your site speed subscription, you can do so under 'manage subscription' here:


What happens if I get a surge in traffic?

If the page views within the subscription period succeed the given plan, your site speed subscription will be paused until you can log into your account and adjust your subscription to a higher plan and reactivate it.

For information on how to set up the site speed accelerator for optimized speed scores check out this article:

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