Switching from WordPress Integration to Ezoic Name Server Integration

Modified on: Wed, 7 Apr, 2021

While WordPress integration is a completely acceptable way to integrate with Ezoic, Ezoic Cloud integration via name server unlocks a number of enhancements which are simply not possible for WordPress-integrated sites. Making the switch is free, easy, and improves site performance. In fact, you can switch to name server integration by carrying out just three simple steps, making sure to disable your Ezoic WordPress plugin before you do so.

When your site is name server integrated with Ezoic, Ezoic's name servers will direct web browsers on how to access your site. When a request is made, Ezoic will request pages from the origin server, make changes to those pages to add tracking, ads, add any other form of optimization required, and pass on this Ezoic version to the end user. You will remain in control of where Ezoic's name servers are pointing as well as what percentage of your users see the Ezoic version of your site, and you are free to switch name servers away from Ezoic at any time.

Ways that Name Server Integration Improves Site Speed:

  • Reduction in page load time: Ezoic's name server integration method removes an external call that is required with WordPress integration.

  • More platform speed tools that include Ezoic's caching application, free CDN, and edge caching— features that we can't provide for WordPress integrated publishers.

  • Additional Site Speed features which are unavailable for WordPress integrated sites.

DEBUNKED: Common Misconceptions Around Name Server Integration 

  • Cloud integration via name servers means changing my hosting. False— your hosting remains unchanged. Ezoic is acting as a proxy so that we can split traffic at the DNS record level and send some users to see Ezoic versions of the site. However, we do not manage your site or its records. 

  • Using name servers to integrate could slow down my site. The opposite— switching to name server integration will make your site faster. 

  • If I use the name server integration method, I will lose some form of control. Absolutely not — you could switch your name servers back at any point or turn Ezoic off and your site would remain the same as before integration.  

How to Switch from WordPress Integration to Cloud Integration via Name servers

Start the process of switching to name server integration simply by going to the settings section in your publisher dashboard. Click "show all integration options" if the "Name Server Integration" option isn't immediately visible.


This will take you to the Name Server integration option


You can then follow through with steps 2 and 3 of the name server integration process, making sure to deactivate the Ezoic WordPress plugin on your site before you change name servers. 

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