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Using the Script Delay Debugger Tool

Modified on: Thu, 10 Aug, 2023

The Leap Preview Script Debugger is a tool for Leap’s Script Delay setting. It allows you to experiment with Leap's Script Delay setting on your site in a Leap preview, and to quickly see the results of script delay changes. Using this tool means you can easily see these changes, instead of needing manually find a script, turn delay on or off for that script, then check the page again to view changes. You can now do this from a toolbox on the Leap preview page instead of a separate page.

The Script Delay Debugger tool can be accessed through this button, which can be found in Leap's regular settings preview step and also inside the Leap Setup Wizard:

image image

The debugger parses the scripts found on the current URL and displays them in a table within a modal:


The tool will automatically suggest scripts to delay based on their interaction with the page. We would recommend following the suggestions to ensure the page runs as quickly and smoothly as possible.

The scripts can be filtered by type with the "External" and "Inline" buttons. Each script in the table has a corresponding toggle button that shows the current exclusion status of that script. The toggle buttons update whether or not a specific script should be delayed in the current Leap preview. After changes have been made, click the "Refresh Page" button to see the effects on the page. This allows you to test delaying scripts on different URLs of your site and to see the results quickly.

The changes are made to the current settings draft, so make sure to return to Leap to either activate this setting’s draft so it publishes to the live site or cancel it if you don’t want to implement the change.

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