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Video MetaTag Embed Selection

Modified on: Tue, 22 Nov, 2022

Similar to video embeds, video MetaTag embeds allow you to display videos across multiple pages that are not all in the same URL directory. Instead of using the URL path to display videos, you can insert a MetaTag with a unique keyword in your site to identify which videos to be played. 

An embed assigned to a MetaTag will show the assigned video selection on every page where you add the MetaTag code to the head element of the page. After saving for the first time, you will receive MetaTag code to add to the head of each webpage you want the video to appear, and embed code you add to each webpage where you want the video to appear. Both the MetaTag code and the embed code must be on the page to work properly.

To create a new MetaTag embed:

1. Go to Humix, then the Site section, then the Embed Video tab. Click "Create New Embed"


2. Fill out the information as needed. When you reach Step 2: Select Location & Video, click "MetaTag" in the Select a Location Type section. Then enter a single keyword that you would like to use as the MetaTag:


3. Continue filling out the information as needed. When you reach Step 3: Embed Code, you'll see the code that you need to place in the location where you want the video to appear, and the code that you need to place in the head of the page that you want the video to appear on.


You can also edit currently existing embeds to turn them into MetaTag embeds:

1. Click the pencil icon for the embed you wish to edit. Then click "+Add a Video Player Location" and follow step 2 from the instructions above.


To explain using the MetaTag embeds further, let's say we have a video titled "nature," and we make a MetaTag embed for that video with the keyword "forest." So the keyword "forest" is assigned to the video "nature".

For the video "nature" to be displayed across different URLs, this requires having the MetaTag embed code in the code of the site. For example, if we want to display "nature" only in one of the following URLs such as:

We can display the video "nature" on the path /land by inserting the MetaTag embed code with the keyword "forest" in it.

Likewise, to display a different video for the path /sea, we can insert a different keyword than "forest."

Metatag video embeds take priority over regular video embeds. If there is a video already assigned to a regular video embed on the page, and if there is a MetaTag embed with a different video assigned to that page, the video that is assigned to the MetaTag embed will be displayed instead.

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