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What is the Ezoic Affiliate Program payment structure?

Modified on: Sun, 21 Aug, 2022

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What is the Ezoic affiliate (referral) program?

How do Ezoic affiliates make revenue?

How to set up Ezoic referrals?

What is the Ezoic affiliate (referral) program?

Typically publishers improve revenue and user experience significantly by using Ezoic's monetization services, as well as gaining a holistic solution to web management by using Ezoic for ads.txt, consent management, site speed acceleration, SSL and more. If you want to introduce Ezoic's technologies to your friends and colleagues so that they can also benefit from our A.I, we'd love you to get involved with our Affiliate program. 

There are additional benefits for you in becoming part of our Affiliate program. When you become an affiliate with Ezoic, you can earn money (commissions) on the sites that you introduce to the system using your referral tracking link.

There is no referral limit either! It doesn't matter how many converts you have, these sites will generate 3% commission for the lifetime that they are live and earning revenue on the Ezoic system.

How do Ezoic affiliates make revenue?

Commissions are calculated like this:

  • Income is collected from 'Ezoic Ad Partners' for the new publisher 
  • This revenue is called 'Ezoic Earnings' and does NOT include Mediation or Original site ad income (as this is paid separately to the publisher by the relevant ad networks).
  • When you become an affiliate and introduce a publisher to the system - you will earn 3% of the Ezoic Earnings, paid monthly, 30 days in arrears - for the lifetime that the publisher is using Ezoic. E.g this means if someone makes $100 during the month of October, you will be paid $3 on the 15th of November.

Commissions are only earned on the earnings from Ezoic  (and not on other incomes recorded by the system).

How to set up Ezoic referrals?

How it works:

1. Go to referral program in your Ezoic dashboard


2. Log into 'Tapfiliate' using the username and password provided (you need to hover over these fields to see it). You can click "start here" or log in directly here: https://tapfiliate.com/login.


# Tip: if the Start Here button doesn't bring you to the login screen below please open the link in a new incognito window.



3. You will use your 'referral link' and place it anywhere on your site that'd you'd like. This link contains a tracking ID specific to you inside. That way, Tapfiliate and Ezoic will be able to trace each person who "converts" back to you and your account. This ensures that you will be attributed the commission and paid accordingly! 

You are free to go about promoting it in anyway way that you like, including a product review, an email and even an AdWords campaign. Given that it’s within the rules and regulations and promotes the Ezoic product, it's fair game!

4. You introduce a publisher to the system using your referral link

5. A publisher clicks on the link and is flagged as being referred from you and you will be credited with a conversion. 

6. New publishers using Ezoic monetization get a 30 day free trial. After this period, affiliate earnings (commissions) begin to accumulate to you from your referrals in your Ezoic dashboard.

7. You will be able to track your Affiliate progress through Ezoic's Tapfiliate Interface.

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