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What is the Sidebar Widgets App?

Modified on: Wed, 9 Mar, 2022

Many websites have a sidebar, typically on the right hand side of the page.  As this space is not normally utilized for site content, it is a great place to add widgets like plugins, tools, newsletter sign-ups, Facebook likes, etc.  

To add widgets into the sidebar, Ezoic has created an easy to use app. You'll find it under the "Design" tab.


To add the widget you simply click configure widgets. Here, you'll be given the option to choose from a list of popular widgets, or insert your own. Clicking on the gear icon will allow you to set up the widget with your desired settings:


Once you've set up your widgets, click 'manage widgets, select the tab corresponding to the part of the sidebar where you want to place the widget, then select you widget from the drop down menu:


  Your widget is then activated!    

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