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Why can’t I transfer the AdX account when I sell a website on Ezoic?

Modified on: Sun, 28 Jan, 2024

AdX and AdSense accounts cannot be transferred, according to Google policy. In our experience, we have seen both buyers and sellers have existing and future Google accounts banned for this. It is extremely rare but Google sees it as fraudulent behavior.

It is well known that publishers swap usernames, passwords, and payment info all the time. It’s still against policy to do that, so Ezoic cannot facilitate that.

Specifically, Ezoic can't swap out AdX accounts because it is actually very complicated.

All advertiser bids are based on historical RTB data, or data that ad exchanges store and track by publisher ID, which of course changes when a publisher changes their ad account. This means advertisers will bid as if it is a brand new website, since it does not have any historical data to go off of. This means if you have a high EPMV from these ads, you may lose money by changing your ad account.

Even if Ezoic keeps all of our optimization info in place, part of what Ezoic does during testing is actually training the ad exchanges and header bidders to bid the way we want them to (competitively and thinking there is a scarcity of inventory available). By changing ad accounts, all of this data would be lost.

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