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Why do I have to pay for Premium (better ads)/pay up front?

Modified on: Fri, 12 Feb, 2021

Premium is not 'better ads,' but instead are direct sales team to traffic campaigns tha then go out and directly sell to advertisers.

There are a limited number of campaigns to run directly with multiple advertisers who all want different niches or certain sites. We also have to set up tracking and all the custom advertiser requests ahead of time. All of this has to be done first.

Additionally, Ezoic is working behind the scenes on multiple factors. Not only do we provide upfront transparency about how much we are taking, but we make direct deals accessible to publishers who would never otherwise be able to acquire this.

Ezoic's transparency is rare in the industry, as many companies take a share of the revenue and often take more than they are saying through revenue shares. This keeps publishers from knowing just how much money is being taken from them. Ezoic wants publishers to know the upfront cost.

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