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Why is Premium invite-only and not available to everyone?

Modified on: Fri, 22 Sep, 2023

There are a few reasons why Premium is not available to everyone. At Ezoic, we are essentially creating direct deal opportunities with advertisers for the Premium publishers, which is something that publishers have struggled to do for a long time. The costs associated with large sales teams and the overhead necessary to produce higher-earning direct deals required websites to invest a lot of money upfront without any promise of being able to make that money back if they were unable to sell campaigns that produced significant income on a consistent basis. Advertisers that spend lots of money on digital campaigns want to make sure their deals are being delivered as specified, meaning websites must then find a way to deliver the deals exactly as they’ve been sold.

Publishers who pay for premium get the benefit of direct deals without having to worry about producing positive ROI to the advertiser. You pay upfront and know exactly what you’re paying so you can transparently see the ROI every time. Ezoic only offers Premium to publishers when we know we can deliver on campaigns to advertisers interested in a particular site/content niche that will deliver higher revenue. Premium simply provides the ability to add direct ad revenue on top of existing ad revenue with Ezoic to your Ezoic account.

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