Connecting with Ezoic's CDN by changing Name Servers is the premium way to integrate your site with Ezoic.

When people say 'Change Nameservers', what they actually mean is 'Change Name Server Addresses'. The server and content itself remains unchanged. Changing the addresses simply allows Ezoic to sit in between your site and your users like a proxy.

It has no negative effect on your site - in fact, it is often beneficial! You get free access to Ezoic's Amazon Cloud Servers (AWS) - with 10 data centres around the world to ensure your site can be delivered to your users lightning-fast via the fastest geographic centre.

Also, because Ezoic is an official CloudFlare partner, using our name servers gives you access to the site speed improvements that using CloudFlare brings. It changes nothing about your site itself, and you can switch your name servers back at any point - you are in complete control!

Still not sure? Read here.