Name server integration is the best way of accessing the Ezoic platform. It allows you to link your site at the DNS level and split your traffic to Ezoic by sending only a portion of visitors through our platform. This provides an apples-to-apples comparison of how Ezoic is performing relative to your original site set up. All the optimization computation is done on the server side, keeping your browser clear of unnecessary javascript.

As an added benefit, publishers get free access to Ezoic's Amazon Cloud Servers (AWS) — with over 4 data centres around the world. This ensures your site can be delivered to your users lightning fast via the closest geographic centre.

Integrating with name servers changes nothing on your site, and you can change them at any time; making this the lowest risk, fastest, and easiest form of integration.

How it all works...


Changing name servers is typically done at your registrar or - if you are a cloudflare customer - by installing the Cloudflare app within your Ezoic dashboard.  

The process of integrating with name servers is really easy...

When you add a site to the Ezoic system, the site’s DNS records are automatically imported and replicated in your Ezoic dashboard. These include all your canonical values such as “www”. This way, your domain is all set and ready for you to change name servers with no downtime for your site!

Logging into your account you’ll see this message - click on ‘Integrate Your Site’:

You will then be taken to a page that gives you options for integrating. Click on the ‘View Instructions’ on the ‘Name Servers’ page:

Simply replace your existing name servers with the Ezoic name servers at your registrar. It’s best to wait 24 hours to allow the new name server addresses to propagate through the internet before starting the setup process.

If you’d like some help changing name servers at your registrar, you will most likely find the resources you need are available at the bottom of the page. Or simply email your account manager or and one of our friendly team members will be available to help.