When you become an affiliate with Ezoic, you can earn money (commissions) that come from the sites that you 'introduce' to the system using your tracking (aka referral) link.

How it works:

You introduce a publisher to the system using your referral link.

A publisher clicks on the link and is flagged as being referred from you.

After the free trial (30 days) affiliate earnings (commissions) begin to accumulate to you from your referrals in your Ezoic dashboard.

Commissions are calculated like this:

  • Income is collected from 'Ezoic Ad Partners' for that publisher are collected for the new publisher in their Ezoic account.
  • This revenue is called 'Ezoic Earnings' and does NOT include Mediation or Original site ad income (which does not accumulate in a publisher's Ezoic account).
  • When you become an affiliate and introduce a publisher to the system - you will earn 3% of the Ezoic Earnings, paid monthly, 30 days in arrears - for the lifetime that the publisher is using Ezoic.

Commissions are only earned on the earnings that Ezoic  (and not on other incomes recorded by the system).


Affiliates earn 3% commission of a introduced site's earnings for the entire time they use the service.