What is PWA and how does it Work?


PWA stands for Progressive Web App. PWAs leverage sophisticated web capabilities to deliver the full mobile web presented to the user in a way that looks and feels like an app. 


This is leveraged to deliver faster and more dynamic mobile experiences to users. Publishers using Ezoic’s systems will have free access to PWA functionality without having to make changes to their CMS or code to create their own app. PWA functionality includes:

  • The ability to access and work with content offline
  • Allow visitors to install a PWA icon to their home screens 


PWA will integrate with your existing site setup and enables publishers to discover important information about visitor browsing habits. Ezoic uses a number of templates for PWA, and adjusts things like menu style and layout to help extend sessions and improve revenue.

Will my Site Benefit from PWA? How does PWA Compare with AMP?


Which technology you use really depends upon what your goals are with each individual site. PWA differs from AMP in that AMP are accelerated mobile pages which simplify typical HTML by requiring rules to be followed for AMP validation, such as banning in-line JS and caching content on a Google URL. 


There has been a lot of debate as to whether AMP or PWA make for better user experiences and increased revenue for publishers. AMP has been found in some tests to significantly improve site speed but in some cases to increase bounce rate and decrease revenue. More info from our blog can be found here:

Maximising Google AMP results


Early testing results have shown that PWA enables publishers to benefit from:


  • Pages that load faster between pageviews
  • App-like functions and features 
  • In the future we will also build in the ability to enable push notifications


For further comparisons of PWA and AMP check out our blog article:


Are there any Special Requirements for using PWA at Ezoic?


At present, sites must be using Wordpress to be able to use our app.

How do I Set this up at Ezoic?


1. First off, go to the app store in your Ezoic dashboard

2. Install the PWA app

3. Select "Finish Setup"

4. In the “Home Screen Icon” you can set a name for your PWA and a launch icon as well as a URL. You can also customise theme and background colours. Click “Save Settings” when you are done.

5. If you wish to add exclusions from PWA go to the “Excluded URLs” tab and add and save the URLs to this list.

6. To edit menu items click the corresponding tab. You can add primary and secondary menu items by clicking the + sign next to “New Item Label”. You also need to add the URLs into the “Link” field when you edit an item. In the left hand column you can also Preview how this will appear.

7. Click the “Send Email” link in the “Turn On/Off” tab to view and verify the templates. You can also click “Open Preview” within the same tab. *Please note that you need to be on a mobile device to preview the templates.

8. When you are happy with the setup, go to the “Turn On/ Off” tab and slide the toggle to “On” and save you settings. PWA will then default to 10% of mobile traffic. And that’s it! You’re all set!

9. If you have any feedback or difficulties you can submit details directly to our tech team by clicking the “Feedback” tab.



If you have any additional questions do pop our Support team a message at: support@ezoic.com