Ezoic's Caching App will allow users direct access to Ezoic's free CDN and site speed caching best practices.

You can tell if a site/page getting a cached page by looking at the http headers and looking for ‘x-ezoic-cdn’ and whether it’s a “hit” or” miss”.

cdn and wordpress

If you don’t see that header then the caching is turned off (it is a bit different if you are using Layout Tester).

It should only be a miss if the caching app is turned off or if there are rules on your site that outline to not cache the content.

Ezoic will always obey the rules set on your site first. This means existing cache headers on your site may have pre-existing rules set to prevent Ezoic from caching a page or site with our CDN.

These rules could be set by a plugin or extension if you use a common CMS, like WordPress or Joomla. They could also be set at your host as well.

Ezoic account reps can always look at what’s exactly happening for the site though if you want to reach out with questions regarding the setup of your site and how it may be affecting the Ezoic Caching App.