You can now enable Two-Factor authentication for your Ezoic account, providing an extra layer of security! Two-Factor Authentication means that, in addition to entering a password to access your account, you will be required to verify your login attempt through one other method.

To enable Two-Factor Authentication for your Ezoic account, first navigate to your Account Details in the Ezoic Dashboard. From here, you will see an option to Enable Two-Factor Authentication:





Once this has been selected, you will be prompted to enter your phone number and country code.


Note: For security reasons, you will not be prompted to enter an email address. We will automatically use the one currently being used for your Ezoic login. If you wish to use a different email address, you must change the one associated with your Ezoic account.


Once this has been completed, Authy (the app we use for our Two-Factor Authentication service) will send you an SMS, prompting you to download the Authy app. From then on, every time you log in to your Ezoic account, you will receive the following prompt requesting a code generated by Authy:



The prompt will also offer the option to have the code sent to the number registered to the account via SMS or a phone call.

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