It’s quite simple. You will use your 'referral link' and place it anywhere that'd you'd like. This link contains a tracking ID specific to you inside. That way, Tapfiliate and Ezoic will be able to trace each person who "converts" back to you and your account. This ensures that you will be attributed the commission and paid accordingly!

You are free to go about promoting it in anyway way that you like, including a product review, an email and even an AdWords campaign. Given that it’s within the rules and regulations and promotes the Ezoic product, it's fair game!

If someone should be influenced by you (and they should start working with us) you will be paid 3% of their Ezoic earnings, over the lifetime of their partnership with Ezoic. For example, if someone makes $100 during the month of October, you will be paid $3 on the 15th of November. This will occur indefinitely until the publisher stops using Ezoic.