Step 1: If you don't already have an Ezoic account you can apply for the Ezoic Affiliate Program here: (Note: if you currently use Ezoic, you have already been approved, and you need not apply)

Step 2: Set-up your joint Tapfiliate/Ezoic account. This is where you will track everything and also get your referral link. Be sure to set-up your payment method!

Step 3: Begin placing your referral link (or assets) on any promotional material, including email, a product review or blog post.

Step 4: Make commission for any conversion.

It's that simple! Once you are approved, you will be ready to begin!


General: This is where you will find your referral link-- the most important aspect of an affiliate program. If you don't have at least this, there is no way we can trace a conversion back to you (and therefore you can't be paid!).

Assets: These are creatives that you can use as marketing material to promote Ezoic. It's highly recommended as it will make conversions easier! To be clear, assets contain your unique referral link. You can learn more here.

Conversions & Commissions: You will be able to monitor your conversions (and how much you can plan to gain from them) as you go here. It is important that you check here every once and a while to make sure that your referral links are properly tracking and placed correctly!