Now that you've joined Ezoic's affiliate program, it is time to start earning commission on your conversions. We've highlighted some recommendations below to get the most out of the program and therefore, earn more!
Write a product review
We've found that our most successful affiliates are the ones who write a product review on Ezoic. This builds trust with the publisher and encourages them to give Ezoic a try. Here are some ideas to help you out:
  • Recommend the Ad Tester app (our most popular optimization tool) along with all the other apps available to publishers.
  • Talk about the benefits of testing, such as increased ad income and improved usability.
  • Remind them that everything is fully-automated, which will give them more time to focus on their content. 
  • Tell the truth! Publishers want to hear the good and bad (although hopefully it's mostly good :) )


Share on social media.

After you've written a review, help spread the word. Twitter, Facebook, G+, LinkedIn and your own site are all great places to spread the news and get people interested.


Continue to share information

Whether it's updating your review to include your own site's performance data or notifying your readers of new Ezoic features, make sure to keep the information exciting and new!