How does Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) work?

Google AMP converts mobile pages to a pared down version that is ultra fast for users. The AMP friendly pages limit JavaScript use, so anything extraneous won’t take uploading resources. This is great for user experience and makes an easily readable version of the page.

Who sees Google AMP pages?

Here’s where things get a little bit confusing. 100% of users from Google search will see the AMP friendly version of your site, but users from other sources (Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) will see the original mobile version of the site.

What does the Ezoic AMP converter do?

The Ezoic AMP converter app will make your pages AMP compliant, so you can see how AMP works for your site. The added benefit is you can split traffic between your mobile site and AMP pages to see how the two compare in terms of user experience and revenue. The one big caveat, is that Google Search traffic cannot be split, so 100% of traffic from that source will continue to see AMP pages.

Example: If wants half their traffic to go to their original mobile and half to go to AMP pages and has 50% of traffic from Google Search, and 50% of traffic from other sources (as mentioned: Facebook, Yahoo, etc.) then that full 50% from Google Search will see AMP pages, and the other 50% will be split. So, 25% of “other” traffic will see AMP pages, and 25% will see the original mobile site. This means that, in the end, 75% of traffic will see AMP, and only 25% will see the original mobile site.

The major benefit here is that you can see how AMP pages do against original mobile pages on the same type of traffic. It allows an apples to apples comparison.