You have the ability to set the maximum number of ads per page for your site. Go to the Ezoic App Store and download the Max Ads Per Page app.



Selecting Maximum Number of Ads

By default, the Automatic option is selected. This means Ezoic will automatically determine the number of ads to run for you.

It is recommended that you don't change this setting. Ezoic makes sure that the system never runs more than the allowed amount of ads per page.

Ezoic has the ability to show five Google ads per page, but if the system feels that the content is long enough to support more, other non-Google ads will be fielded for additional inventory.

Additionally, selecting Maximum Five Ads per Page doesn't necessarily mean that five ads will be shown on every page. This setting just specifies that five ads per page is the maximum.

One page may have no ads, another may have three, and another may have five... The important thing to remember is that user experience metrics are also being measured, so your visitors are being considered at all times.

If you decide to change these settings, keep in mind that your earnings may be affected.


Apply selections to site(s)


You can apply these settings to a single site or to all of your sites running through the Ezoic platform.