This app allows you to disable ads for a page or a directory in the Ezoic system.

Disabling a directory also disables ads on the pages within it. For example, if you were to exclude this would also disable ads on all of the pages collapsed within the directory.

In this instance, would have ads disabled too, as it is contained within the directory. The rest of the site would continue to show ads.


For sites using the Layout Tester app, you also have the option to disable page ad locations. Individual ad locations can be disabled on a page by visiting the page in your browser and pressing Ctrl+Alt+E on your Keyboard.  


'Disable Ads by Page' App vs. 'Excluded Pages' App

The 'Excluded Pages' app allows you to exclude specific URLs from testing, and your users will only see the original version of this page. No Ezoic apps will run on the excluded pages. This means that apps, such as the 'Caching' app, will not run on URLS in the 'Excluded Pages' app. On the other hand, the 'Disable Ads By Page' app will only prevent ads from showing on those URLs but will not prevent other Ezoic apps from working. 


If you have any questions regarding the 'Disable Ads By Page' app. simply email your account manager or and one of our friendly team members will be available to help.