The Dashboard section of the Ezoic User Interface has all of the essentials in one easy to access place.

You will notice that it's divided in 5 sections:

  • Your Apps
  • Experiment Performance
  • Estimated Earnings
  • Visits
  • Add Site

Your Apps

This is where you can access apps that you've already downloaded from the Ezoic App Store. By default, you have the Ad Tester app, but if you need to download another one (and it is highly recommended), you can quickly access the Ezoic App Store by clicking the button at the bottom of the section.

Experiment Performance

This will give you a quick breakdown of how Ezoic is doing versus your old site:

  • Experiment - This is the name of the Layout. If you are only using the Ad Tester app, it will say Ad Tester, instead of a name here.
  • Domain - This will show which domain the experiment is being tested for. This is useful if you have multiple sites with Ezoic as you will be able to quickly glance at all of your sites at once to see how they are doing.
  • Device - Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.
  • Revenue vs. Old Site - The percentage that Ezoic is up (or down) when compared to the revenue of your original site.
  • Performance vs. Old Site - The percentage that Ezoic is up (or down) based on your 'optimization goals' - learn more here.
  • Accuracy - The percentage confidence level that that experiment is currently at.
  • Est. Days Until 90% Accuracy - When you can expect the experiment to be tested a 90% confidence level.

Estimated Earnings

This section reflects your Ezoic earnings over the last 7 days. It's broken down per day, with one extra box that reflect today's earnings (so far).

  • Date - Highlighted in red.
  • Total estimated earnings for the day - Highlighted in yellow.
  • Ezoic Ad Partners - Highlighted in orange. The earnings from Ezoic Ad Partners collected in your Ezoic account
  • Mediation Ad Partners - Highlighted in purple. The earnings from the Mediation app collected in the corresponding ad network's account.


This reflects the number of visits your site received on that day of testing. The number is 'sessions' in Google Analytics and NOT the number of page visits.

Add Site

Simply click this button if you would like to add another one of your sites to Ezoic!