This guide will outline all of the different ad types that you may come across whilst using the Ezoic system. 

Ezoic’s Chrome Extension

Automatically Detect
If you select this option, the Ezoic system will automatically detect similar placeholders across the rest of the pages on your site. 

Native ads
Native ads, sometimes referred to as ‘recommended content’ or ‘promoted stories’ are a way of advertising content in a way that is ‘native’ to its environment, i.e. the native ads related, in one way or another, to the content on the page. When used properly, they can be great for income, however it’s important to strike a balance between your native ads vs display ads.

Link units
Link units are small ads that look like links, they are focused towards the interests of your readers or visitors. Whether or not you have link units on your original site, you can create link units for the Ezoic versions too


Anchor ads
Anchor ads are site-wide ads offered for Ezoic’s Ad Tester App. Anchor ads are ads which stick to the bottom of the screen regardless of scrolling. They are mostly used on mobile. They are a great addition to any site and have been known to increase income substantially. More info here.

In-line ad units
In-line ads (usually in the form of a hyperlink text) are ads that are displayed within the text of your website's content. When a user on your website scrolls over one of the links, a window will appear with an advertisement.


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